What we do

We offer a wide range of services to meet any of your needs and fulfil your dreams.

We can provide a full interior design service from start to finish but you can also pick in our service list “a la carte”.

Space design

Need another pair of eyes on your room layout? We can provide advice on how to optimise your floorplan and maximise the space or suggest a new furniture layout that will improve the circulation flow. We offer the kind of advices and little tricks that’ll make a big difference in your daily life.

Color scheme definition

Want to add personality to a room? Sometimes it can only take a few additions to an existing space to transform it completely. We can help you select the best colours that will enhance your room in no time. From paint colour to soft furnishings, we’ll help you to define the perfect colour palette.

Hard materials selection

Planning some renovations? Picking the right materials for walls and floors can often be a tricky task! We’ll work with you to propose flooring and wall covering solutions that will combine convenience and style for your living spaces and wet areas.

Furniture selection

Moving in with nothing? Want a complete makeover of your bedroom or just want to replace a few things? We can provide a full furniture selection according to your desired style and needs.

Styling & decoration

Just need a little boost to make your interior special? We will provide a full recommendation on how to best decorate adding charm and unicity to your space. Selection of art, cushions, plants and other decorative items, we’re here to source for you those little wonders that will sublime your home.

Lighting solutions

Need advices on lighting? We are here to find the right products that will enlighten your days and nights. Pendants lights, floor lamps, table lamps there lots of great options out there waiting to move in!

Window furnishings

Need to focus on windows furnishings? Curtains or blinds, you’re not sure where to start and what would be best suited for your space? We’ll define your needs in terms of privacy, insulation and style and will come up with a tailor-made recommendation and design suggestions.

Full design consultation

You need help with basically everything? We can also provide a full design package including all our services in one, for one room or for your entire house. You’ll get a full analysis of your space and all the tools to make the big changes happen!

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