Deep Living

Deep Living

For this project we totally reorganised the living space and re decorated it too.

Our clients had a dining and living space that was not functioning so well, they didn’t like their living area and were spending most evenings at the dining table.

The challenge was to create a cosy atmosphere to chill and a functional dining room for meal times. We worked from exisiting furniture but we shuffled the floorpan and reallocated functions to spaces . We changed the sofa and selected a few additional key pieces and new accessories to tie everything together.

First major design change was to convince them to get rid of the exisiting carpet and go floorboards to brighten up the rooms. What a luck when we removed the old floor covering and discovered beautiful wooden floor underneath!

Colour palette is a little moody: wood, charcoal and blue denim enhanced by golden mustard and brass accents here and there.

We also designed a custom shelving to display family portraits, plants and vintage curiosities and dress up the corner wall and bring a focal point opposite to the “not so pretty” AC unit.