Bring this refreshing and natural atmosphere into your living room with an original color palette inspired from the natural sand dunes of Maranhão in Brasil.

Use velvet for softness and glass for transparency. Play with blues and greens but introduce some beiges and white to balance it.

1. RUG - AU Rugs, Metropolis 275 x 365cm, $339
2. COFFEE TABLE - Isamu Noguchi Replica - Matt Blatt, $495
3. FLOOR BOARDS - Royal Oak Floors, Aged Smoked
4. PERRI CUSHION - Nathan+Jac, Bottle Green Velvet 50x50cm, $99
5. ISABELLE CUSHION - Nathan+Jac, Cerulean Blue Velvet 40cm, $99
6. LEILANI CISHION - Nathan+Jac, Blue-Green Palm, 60x60cm, $99
7. OVERARCHING FLOOR LAMP, West Elm, Antique Brass, $479
8. NEXUS SOFA - Arro Home, Natural, $1,399