School project – Cert IV
Californian Bungalow – Interior design & Decoration
As our second project, we were briefed to reorganise the floor plan and furnish a Californian Bungalow.  We were to include a sustainable axis. I chose to build my concept around “bees”. They are one of the most important element for any Man’s sustainable perspectives.

“The delicate hive”
The mother as queen bee & her tribe as the swarm.
The hive as a familial place, bubbly & organised.
Delicate & soft such as nature, full of modern lines & organic vibes.

It’s about dedicating this renovation project to the bees and rebuild this home as a functional, cozy, and sustainable sanctuary inspired by the delicateness of the beehive and its highly organised and warm way of living.

After brainstorming, the beehive could be described with the following characteristics and we’re going to use them as guide factors through the upcoming design choices.

Design with high dynamism
Jump into a swarming and evolving place
  Refers to the high level of activity happening inside the hive

Design with strong geometry
Go crazy on compartmentalisation, repetition and symmetry
Refers to the honeycomb structure and its interior straight lines

Design with a lot of sense
Follow “A place for everything, everything in its place” philosophy but keep a room for flexibility.
Refers to the minimalistic aspects of the hive but also to its organisational side & the straight matriarchal role of queen bee.

Design with loads of colors
Create a vivid melt of honey shades and vegetal tints
Refers directly to the warm color palette of the hive and the floral bee’s universe

Design with mellowness
Imagine a place full of flowing honey and velvety bees.
Refers to the fluid lines of honey & nature but also to bees’ fluffy /hairy abdomens’ texture and the softness of the vegetal color palette.

Design with privacy
Embrace natural darkness and generate mystery
Refers to the opacity of the hive from outside. It’s a private place sheltered from the curious exterior world

Design with care
Dive into a minutely refined habitat
Refers to the fragility of bees’ colored ecosystem and the delicate hard work they achieve daily
Refers to the bees’ craftmanship and the unicity of each shape of hive

Design with grandeur
Discover a delicate hive revolving around a majestic queen
Refers to queen bee as an ode to the matriarch

The rooms distribution has been revised to take advantage of the north facing side of the house according to the passive solar design principles.

All the active zones have been united in an open living space well compartmentalised and sharing all “day time” functions.  They’re taking place in the 70’s extension.

The back-load bearing wall has been mostly conserved. Only un extra opening has been required to create a generous path from the hallway.

This giant room will beneath of a lot of natural heating thanks to north orientation, double glazed windows and well selected window treatment.

For this new layout, we have kept the location of the bedroom, taking advantage of the north facing side creating a large new window.

The old bathroom has been demolished to create a dressing room area.

The new bathroom takes place in the old 3rd small bedroom, adjacent to the new dressing area.

Lots of natural light thanks to the large frosted double hung window.

Both rooms have been move on the south side of the house, allowing good sleep in the morning.

A small  private shower room has been created for each bedroom creating an independant space.

While the second bathroom as been replaced by two small shower ensuite, the toilets have been kept separated in order to keep them accessible for guests without having to enter the bedrooms.

The new toilets are located in the center of the hallway, middle of the house, equidistant  from anywhere.

Designed as a warm & convivial space

Large living room to share family moments, low funiture to minimse the effect of low ceiling in this part of the house

Lots of naytural light, facing direclty east and north windows

Orignial timber beams have been polished and now contrast with the Whisper White ceiling

Large 3 seats sofa contrasted by 2 feature armchairs to demonstrate familial hierarchy and organisation

Soft yellow textured cotton fabric

Contrasted colours with bright yellow sofa and dark touches on side tables / feature armchairs

Personalised fabric on feature armchair to suit the complete colour palette (Black, Honey shades, Pinks, Greens) and design it as the master pieces of the room

Natural and sustainable materials used through the furniture & accessories (Cane, Wood, Marble, Silk, Marble, Jute)

Brand new timber floorboards (Aged Smoked Oak by Royal Oak Floors)

Green marble coffee table and contrasted round jute pink rug

Feature timber pendant lights with warm temperature to create reflected shadows of the ceiling at night and make the room cosy. Alsso , the pendant might help increasing the height of the low ceiling room

Global lighting layout completed with a simple floor lamp with black marble foot to repeat use of marble for task lighting such as reading a book on the sofa

Faux timber venitian blinds layed on window frames to alllow privacy and light management

Designed as the familial & functional canteen

Very central location, at the heart of the house and the familial life, surrounded by windows

Functional with its large dining table up to 10 people

Can be use to do homework with kids in a bright environment

Symmetry betwen dining chairs enhances visual organisation of the space

2 types of dining chairs to balance the straight organisation, & highlight hierachy here again

Their colour difference brings some extra contrast in this area

Repetition of 2 pink hand made pendant lamps over the table to structure the table location

Ceramic homeware in reference to handmade work and craftsmanship (plates, bowls, mugs…)

Designed as a natural & organised area

Large surface kitchen

Simple L layout completed with an island bench

Vegetal colour choices with various warm green on Benchtop, Mosaic tiles, Pendant lights, Fridge

Majority of black eco energy appliances (Oven, Microwave, Hotplate, Range hood, Dryer) contrasted with some elegant cream Smeg products (Dishwasher, Washer) & Smeg fridge as master piece with its light green colour

Colour reference to the sweetness & the shades of the honey through golden & brass features (Sink, Mixer, Pulls, Mirrored splashback)

Reference to honeycomb structure with hexagonal mosaic tiles

Honey Elm oak timber finish for cabinetry

Special honeycomb Laminex finish for Pantry and full height cupboard

LED stripes have been installed to create accent lighting under the hanging cupboards and the island bar

Designed as the Queen’s nest

Spacious master bedroom with bed facing north

Double large windows with north and east orientation

Lovely bow / bench window made from recyled wood and used as a cosy & original feature in the room

Integrated cupboard on both sides for extra storage

Modern bed made of natural material (cane) and raw linen bedsheets and velvet cushions

Strong contrast between the bed colour and the floral wallpaper on the wall behind the bedhead

Comfy and sustainable mottled beige wall to wall carpet selection, 100% New Zeland wood

Pretty fireplace area with the elegant egyptian marble chimney and  the majestic mustard armchair

Combination of pendant ligts (symetric pendant balls as bedside lamps for task lighting and a large central pendant as general lighting and feature in the center of the ceiling)

Large dressing room with two symmetrical sides

Mirrored sliding doors, full height, custom made

Ottoman & hand made pendant lights set to create emphasis and create a focal point

Black and gold geometric floral wallpaper on the wall adjacent to the ensuite, hiding the sliding doors a bit and bringing precious and intimate vibes in the room

Designed as the Royal Spa

Spacious bathroom with bath, double basin, double shower and toilets

Large frosted glass window with double hang opening

Luminous colour palette made from white to light pink with a touch of wood to keep nature in mind

Bath tub on wood podium to delimitate visualy the space and accent lighting aronud the window with LED stripes

Symmetrical vanity area with double basin, spout, tapware, wall lights & LED stripes under the draweers

Coconut milk Laminex benchtop and Brushed titanium drawers

All tapware made from sustainable material such as brass and wood details

Visual reference to honeycomb structure with blush hexagonal mosaic tiles on floor

Visual reference to floral environment with 3D floral tiles on walls

Wall hanging toilets with brushed gold flush plate and assorted toilet paper hanger

Bench with integrated drawers below the golden towel rail heater