See this room as your land. A dry land to nurture and enhance, a place to cultivate your ideas. An office to realise your project and achieve your dreams. Use an earthy and arid color palette of browns and greys completed by raw materials such as wood and stone to perfect the atmosphere here.

1. TERRAZZO FLOOR, Fibonacci Stone, Graphite
2. BROWN PLANTER, Family Love Tree, $219
3. BLACK PLANTER, Family Love Tree, $120
4. GREY PLANTER, Family Love Tree, $200
5. FLOOR LAMP, Clickon Furniture, Black, $459
6. BENSON DESK, West Elm, $1019
7. CHAIR, West Elm, Mid Century Grey, $424
8. SHELVES, West Elm, Rustic wood, $1039
9. MAP CORK BOARD, Typo, $40
10. LEATHER NOTEBOOK, Typo, Black, $20