For ocean lovers only.

Jump into the sea every time you  set a foot in your bedroom. A big splash for your eyes. Use different shades of blue through furniture and accessories but balance the look with light grey on floor and linens to inject some bubbles of air in this seaway.

1. FLOOR BOARD - Royal Oak Floors, Danish White
2. MOIRA ARMCHAIR - Clickon Furniture, Eno Studio, Blue, $2,250
3. RUG - Clickon Furniture, Marin, 170 x 240cm, $1,840
4. SARA BEDSIDE TABLE - Temple & Webster, Navy Blue, $149
5. MEGAN BED FRAME - Brosa, King size, Ocean Blue, $1,428
6. LAUNDRY BASKET - Temple & Webster, Indigo, 45cm, $70
7. PENDANT LIGHT, Temple & Webster, Blue Glass, $79 
8. PENDANT LIGHT, Temple & Webster, Grey Glass, $79